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Light-emitting textiles

Using items of clothing as mobile dynamic message and image board is ubiquities form of expression. When activated, the Light-emitting textiles developed by Philips Research’s Lumalive suddenly brings plain fabrics to life. It is sure to attract attention! The technology can create a magical lighting experience in anything made using fabric, from clothes and backpacks to furniture. Behind the outer fabric, there is a layered system containing flexible arrays of red, blue and green light-emitting diodes (LEDs), only visible from the outside when the display panel is on. The Lumalive array of LEDs is housed in a flat plastic sheet, which is connected to a control driver containing rechargeable batteries and a play list of pre-program images. SMS text can be sent to GMS receiver enabling a variety of massages. The whole system is water resistant and can be easily removed for laundering.

There are numerous potential applications such as:
-> dynamic message and image board furniture, carpets and curtains for public places
-> emergency workers and walking advertisements clothing
-> high visibility backpacks
-> high visibility children clothing and pet coats.

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Any users can now find out other members locations in the world by means of Google Maps. The maps are available from any posting page.

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