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EasyDose - Inbuilt Automatic Dosing System for Packaging

EasyDose is a Danish start up company that developed an inbuilt dosing system for all forms of powder, granulate and liquid products. The system can be made of almost all materials being used for packaging like carton, cardboard, plastic and metal. The EasyDose concept has recently won the Best Idea of Denmark - an invention competition that has been broadcasted live on national TV channel.

Depending on what product shall be dosed, the device can be made as an independent unit, which can be attached to the existing packaging or as an integrated packaging part produced from the same material as the packaging. The system does not have any movable parts and thus cannot break.

The dosing system works automatically when the bottle, paper carton or other packaging is tilt down for distinct dosing and thus doesn’t require consumers to change their habits.

The uniqueness of the system is that consumers don’t need to measure or weigh the product, because the inbuilt dosing chamber does it automatically when the packaging is tilted.

The correct dosing of washing powder saves environment, equipment and money as well as decreases allergy reactions. The correct dosing for food products guarantees on optimal taste (Nescafe, cacao, milk powered for babies, etc). With EasyDose one gets the same dose each time when the bottle is tilted. Each tilt gives a volume of, for example, an average tee spoon. The system makes it also easier for those who wish to loose weight, because the correct food dosing is essential for body energy balance.

The integration of EasyDose into existing packaging provides great added valued for the product for a very low extra cost. Millions of bottles and boxes are produced daily for products, which will be simpler to dose with an integrated dosing system. The EasyDose logo will tell consumers that the packaging has an integrated dosing system, which is activated by a simple tilting. The EasyDose is a must opportunity for all packaging producers as well as manufactures of powder, granulate and liquid products that require correct dosing.

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