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Energy Saving and Environmental Impact Consulting

Vienna Artist and Designer Sha has created a relaxation lounger, which he named AlphaSphere. The shape of an over-all spatial solution optimizes relaxation time by fully immersing human senses with colour, light, sound, warmth and vibration. Different perception dimensions blend into one holistic multi-sensory experience. Hearing, seeing, feeling allows experiencing senses not as separate sensations, but as a whole. Colour, shape and light in unique combination with sound, vibrations and warmth lead to ultra-deep relaxation or even meditation.

The AlphaSphere lounger
reduces stress:
· enhances serenity and inner balance
· gives strength to deal with stressful situations
· helps maintain a good work-life balance
· increases calmness and mental efficiency

recharges human energy:
· helps find new strength
· creates a rewarding sensation of flowing
· enables mental journeys to an inner reservoir of strength
· activates natural self-healing powers

enhances creativity:
· stimulates imagination
· helps focus on core issues
· makes room for inspiration
· provides a feeling of comfort and trust

eidens perception:
· creates pleasant physical sensations such as weightlessness
· opens up a new dimension of sensorial delight
· intensifies body perception and self-perception
· broadens the limits of space and time

The shapes, colours and materials used for AlphaSpace are perfectly tailored to emphasize multisensory impact. Multi-layered lining creates a visual three-dimensional, wave-like movement, the so-called moiré effect. The human eye is rewarded with a new sensation of spatial depth. Spatial limits cease to exist.

Children who tried AlphaSphere showed amazing reactions, instinctively lying down on the floor – part of the enormous “Spatial Loudspeaker”. They wanted to experience the sounds with their entire bodies and “grasp” them with all their senses...

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