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Non-Fossil Fuel Car Proposals

The Non-Fossil Fuel Concept Car Marketing Scheme

I recently written some proposals I believe an automotive company should take up and used their full potential. The proposals are entitled initially “The Non-Fossil Fuel Concept Car Proposals”, and basically outlines how I have come up with a scheme will should and could enable a Car company to finance the research and development of a mass produced non-fossil fuel car.
Basically in brief what I am proposing is that a Car company, set out to produce a mass produced non-fossil fuel, and with my proposals the initial need for financing of the research and development of the Concept car would be taken care of.
I would propose that the said car company widely advertises the fact that it is going to produce a mass produced non-fossil fuel car, which will be ready in 3 years time. What the car company would then do is give the car buying public the chance to put down a 10% deposit (i.e.£1000) for the privilege of owning one the world first mass produced non-fossil fuel concept cars. The public could make down payments via the Internet or at the car companies forecourts. I would estimate that if the project was marketed right that at least 1 in 100000 of the world population would want to put down a deposit for the concept car, thus raising in excess of £600,000,000.00 for the research and development of the world first non-fossil fuel concept car.
The are numerous reasons why the world market wants a mass produced non-fossil fuel car, which include environmental reasons, ethical reasons and probably just as important financial reasons...

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