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Renewable energy management in neighbourhood

The worldwide energy consumption increases 2% annually doubling every 35 years and at the same time the fossil fuel consumption increases over 3.4% doubling every 21 years. It is becoming increasingly urgent challenge to power the world. The renewable energy sources, smart energy consumption and generation management are getting increasingly into the focus.

Dutch startup called Qurrent is taking the notion a step further with technology to enable neighbourhood-wide energy networks. Qurrent specializes in Decentralized Renewable Energy systems enabling its customers to generate their own energy locally from renewable sources, using solar panels, micro wind turbines, heat pumps and hydrogen fuel cells. They develop devices, software and services that enable the creation of small local energy networks. Within these networks, which are mostly privately owned, houses exchange energy to maximize the efficiency of the energy they produce. Sharing energy with other houses optimizes the efficiency of each house’s system. Because of fluctuating patterns of consumption, homes with wind and solar energy generators can find themselves with surplus energy at some times of the day but not enough at others. Surplus energy typically gets sold back to the main grid, but with as much as 30 percent losses. When a group of homes work together to manage their collective energy generation and use, on the other hand, higher levels of demand in one home can be matched with surpluses in others, thus evening out the group's overall consumption and minimizing the amount that must be drawn from the main grid....

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