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Table top advertising and marketing agency

Advertising is big business. No matter what condition the economy is in businesses still have to compete for every dollar. The only way to stand out among their competitors is by advertising. My company has put together a great business plan for someone that wants to own a business that is always in demand.

Our 40+ year old company offers a unique, U.S. patented product for table top advertising. The advertising options that we have put together fit most advertising budgets - usually 80-90% below other local professional advertising (such as newspapers & yellow pages).

The best part of our business plan is that we do most of the backend work. We will provide all the graphics, layout, sales samples and production of the finished product. We also have a proven lead generation system that is simple and effective & best of all it's free.

You are responsible for making sales, collecting ad copy and collecting payments. The profits are very nice and the ROI should come within the first month. With an above average work ethic and decent people skills you should be netting over $110,000 your first year & this isn't pie in the sky, this is VERY achievable.....

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