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Fresh flowers labelling business

Our company offers you a unique idea for business - the label on fresh flowers to your greeting words and pictures. The process of applying labels to the flowers is very simple and it handles even a child.

Stickers on the flowers are made of thin material, they hardly noticeable on the petals, creating a sense of naturalness and make a difference is your bouquet.

Stickers on the flowers can be applied to roses, tulips, lilies, orchids and other flowers with a smooth surface petal (including leaves of potted plants).

Just imagine how your girlfriend will be pleased if you give her a bouquet of flowers on each of which will be written, 'I love you.' I think she will be ecstatic!

I am sure that in your town are many different flower shops, the idea was - the stickers on the flowers they are very happy. They will be able to earn much more if you start to supply them with stickers for flowers. And you can earn good money.......

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