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Gift Map

I am in the process of designing and patenting the 'Gift Map'. This is an invention I came up with for creatively presenting gift cards to someone. A couple of years ago, having absolutely no idea what to give my wife on her birthday, I decided to buy gift cards. I bought five of them, but did not want to just tuck them in her card. After some serious brain-storming, I drew a map of the town and attached the gift cards to it where those stores were located. She loved it.

Officially, for the purpose of a patent, a gift map is a computer generated, not to scale, map of a genuine geographical location, such as a county, city, or town. This roughly 12X28 map, folded accordion style, contains multiple gift cards with monetary value for various businesses. The gift cards are positioned on the map with a temporary adhesive, relevant to their actual locations in that specific geographical region. In less technical terms- a gift map is just a regular folded map with five gift cards attached to it- designed in a unique and fun-looking style.........

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'NEW' posting sign on Directory page

We introduced Contain new posting(s) less than 10 days old sign on the Directory page showing which subdirectory group contains a new posting.

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Twitter enabled on the Business Ideas Forum

Each new submitted and accepted posting will be automatically sent to Business Ideas Forum on Twitter.
It is also possible to tweet each posting directly from the posting page while clicking on the Tweet This Posting from Business Ideas Forum icon.

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