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Revolutionary double pane + blinds window

I did quite a lot of research, and there doesn't seem to be anything like this on the market.
My idea takes the concept of polarization, and allows for the construction of a double pane window that can either allow in polarized light, reducing glare on any screen, or COMPLETELY trap out light (much more efficiently than a window + blinds set). The mechanism for the closing of the blind is very simple-- a single 90 degree rotation.
The customer is the higher end housing market-- implementation of these windows will ultimately serve functions for houses.
There are no competitors with this idea right now.
This idea is unique in that we can have 100% efficiency in shutting out light from a room (good for dark rooms, places that need absolutely no light if possible, and completely trapping out heat from the outside sun), and also provides for a polar filtration of light, reducing glare on anything with a screen. In the modern age, where computers are ubiquitous, such an investment may be essential.
I essentially need people who will help execute this idea. I think it is a great way to push forward housing architecture, and aesthetically it would be one of the most sought-after window designs for high end houses. I don't have any experience in this business (I am a recent graduate from UC Berkeley), but thought that these basic principles from physics would help pioneer this branch of home improvement......

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